School Photos


Mountain West Studios provides online viewing of school photos as well as the ability to order photo packages and products online.  Instructions for previewing and ordering school photos are provided in the attached letter from Mountain West Studios.

Distribution of student ID cards began September 24.  Students may pick up their ID cards during morning break in the Commons Room.  The ID card has the 8 character sign-in code located in the lower right front of the card.  This code is used to access online viewing and ordering.

Orders received by Mountain West after the photo order deadline on October 16 will require special processing and are therefore subject to a $10 handling fee.  These orders will need to be processed separately from the bulk school order and will be mailed directly to the customer’s home address.

Photo retakes are scheduled for the morning of October 3.  If your student was absent for the original photo date, or if you have chosen not to order from the first previews, please have your student obtain a Photo Order Envelope from the school office.  Students are to present the photographer the Order Envelope with the prepayment enclosed prior to having their picture taken.

Students who did not have their photo taken on September 6 or do not wish to purchase school photos are asked to have their photo taken (at no charge) on October 3 for the yearbook and a student ID card.

Mountain West Photo Ordering Instructions

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