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Regular Schedule 5-Block Schedule
Period A 8:38 - 9:56   Period A 8:38 - 9:38
Period B 10:00 - 11:18   Period B  9:42 – 10:52
BREAK 11:19 - 11:29   BREAK 10:52 - 11:02
Period C 11:29 - 12:48   ASSEMBLY 11:02 - 12:02
LUNCH 12:48 - 1:19   LUNCH 12:02 - 12:34
Period D 1:19 - 2:38   Period C 12:34 - 1:34
      Period D 1:38 - 2:38

Mountain West Studios is providing online viewing of school photos this year. Families will have the ability to order photo packages and products online. Instructions for previewing and ordering school photos are provided in the attached letter from Mountain West Studios.

ID cards were distributed to students in Homeroom on September 19. The ID card has the unique 8-character sign-in code located in the lower right front of the card. This code is used to access online viewing and ordering. Orders received by Mountain West after the photo order deadline on October 2 will require special processing and are therefore subject to a $10 handling fee. These orders will need to be processed separately from the bulk school order and will be mailed directly to the customer’s home address.

Letter from Mountain West Studios

JL Crowe continues to strive to provide the best education we can for all of our students. School fees support our ability to provide resources and materials for our students. Please pay student fees as soon as possible.


Please feel free to use the interac option by way of debit or credit card payment by telephoning 250.368.5591, ext. 187.  


If you require a copy of your high school transcript, please phone the school directly.  The fee for each certified, sealed copy is $5.00.  Alternatively, you may visit the BC Ministry of Education website to obtain your copy.  

How to Order Your Official Transcript

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