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On June 7, Brittany Haugen, JL Crowe Indigenous Support Worker, will be holding a Tipi raising ceremony from 10:00 -11:30 am beside the school garden.  Liam and Jessica from the Circle of Indigenous Nations Society will be joining Brittany in Ceremony to share songs and prayers on the big drum as well as sharing the teachings of raising a Tipi.  The purpose of this Tipi raising is to put intentions into the teachings of the medicine wheel that we are all connected and work together to embrace each other's differences and celebrate diversity here at JL Crowe.  Staff are invited to come with their classes to help out, participate or just be witness to this celebration of ceremony at our school.  As the Tipi is being prepared and raised we will be offering tobacco and smudge to whomever would like to enter the Tipi and share in this experience together.  A celebration for National Aboriginal day will be held on June 21.  The Tipi will come down on June 22.

The Hoops for Heart Foundation's aim is based on three separate sections: prevention, treatment, and recovery.  JLC Hoops for Heart event is fun for students to participate in to help raise money this year for Craig Cunningham's All Heart Foundation.  The event will be held at the school on June 15 starting at 11:00 am.  Teams will compete in basketball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee.

Regular Schedule 5-Block Schedule
Period A 8:38 - 9:56   Period A 8:38 - 9:38
Period B 10:00 - 11:18   Period B  9:42 – 10:52
BREAK 11:19 - 11:29   BREAK 10:52 - 11:02
Period C 11:29 - 12:48   ASSEMBLY 11:02 - 12:02
LUNCH 12:48 - 1:19   LUNCH 12:02 - 12:34
Period D 1:19 - 2:38   Period C 12:34 - 1:34
      Period D 1:38 - 2:38
JL Crowe continues to strive to provide the best education we can for all of our students. School fees support our ability to provide resources and materials for our students. Please pay student fees as soon as possible.


Please feel free to use the interac option by way of debit or credit card payment by telephoning 250.368.5591, ext. 187.  


If you require a copy of your high school transcript, please phone the school directly.  The fee for each certified, sealed copy is $5.00.  Alternatively, you may visit the BC Ministry of Education website to obtain your copy.  

How to Order Your Official Transcript

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