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Each student must be registered for bussing in order to ride on a School District No. 20 school bus. Each registered bus rider will be issued a bus pass in the form of a hard plastic card which is carried by the student. This pass must be presented each time the student boards and departs the school bus. 
  • Report the lost or damaged pass to the school as soon as possible
    • The bus pass replacement fee will be added to the student on your MySchoolBucks Account and may be paid online (If you have not yet signed up for your MySchoolBucks and need assistance, please contact your school office)
    • Bus drivers will not accept the bus pass replacement fee
  • Your student can obtain a daily bus exemption slip at the school office.  The bus pass exemption slip must be handed into the bus driver daily upon boarding.  A new exemption slip will be issued by the school daily. 
  • The replacement bus pass should arrive to the school about one week after payment is received. The school will issue the new pass to your student.
  • Students will not be permitted to board the bus without either their bus pass or a bus pass exemption slip – ensure the exemption slip is obtained from the school office prior to the end of the day.
Walk limits are the distance from the recognized public road access of the student’s property to the nearest catchment school or bus stop.
The general standards for providing transportation to and from school shall be:
  • Grade K-7: 2.0 km from school
  • Grade 8-12: 3.0 km from school
Catchment Areas for the purposes of these procedures shall be determined by the Board and will normally be defined as the school closest to the student’s residence.

Pupils living outside of catchment area, wish transportation may ride provided there is room on the bus and they have registered for bussing.
Students with special needs may be eligible for transportation or transportation assistance.
All requests for transportation assistance for students with special needs will be managed by the Director of Student Support Services and the District Transportation Supervisor.