Grad Information

Grad is a very exciting time but comes with many questions and concerns.  The JL Crowe Counselling Department has created a helpful handbook to try to answer many of your questions.

JLC Grad Handbook 2020/2021


Participation in JL Crowe’s Graduation Ceremony is a privilege that is earned through academic achievements and school citizenship.  Students entering grade 12 may qualify for graduation ceremonies by meeting Ministry and school requirements.  The Request to Graduate form must be completed and returned to Mrs. Waterstreet by November 6, 2020.

JLC Request to Graduate 2020/2021


The number one question asked… Do I have enough credits to graduate?  You always have access to your transcript through the Ministry of Education’s Student Transcript Service.  More information on accessing this site and comparing to what is required can be found using the following two documents.

Checking Credits how-to worksheet

JLC Grad Planner 2020/2021