Provincial Numeracy and Literacy Assessment Preparation

Currently grade 10 students are writing the Numeracy and Literacy assessments. The skills being assessed are not from a specific course, but we will be using English and Math classes in grade 10 to expose students to the format and help them prepare. For this reason, we are having students write the assessments in the semester that they have those courses. Teachers will be working through the sample materials the Ministry of Education has provided as practice. If students are taking an online course they can access the same materials at:



We also encourage students to seek help or advice from our staff:

For Numeracy: Any Math or Science teachers or Mr. Beattie in the office.

For Literacy: Any English or Social Studies teachers

Further Preparation

Our staff spent a professional development day identifying all of the skills required to be proficient on these assessments. Many of these skills, for example: novel problem solving, perseverance, and interpreting a variety of texts, have to be developed overtime. Because of this, we have developed some materials that we will be introducing to all grade 8s and 9s so they will have multiple opportunities and experiences to develop these skills before they write the assessments in grade 10.