Grade 7 to 8 Transition

Online Registration for Grade 8 Course Selection
All Grade 8 students will be automatically programmed into English 8, Social Studies 8, Math 8, Science 8 and French 8/Spanish 8.

Discover the Courses Crowe has to Offer Grade 8 Students
The online Grade 8 Course Selection will be made available to grade 7 students.  Students will be able to discover the courses available and walk through the process of choosing your courses to build your timetable for next year.

School Bus Registration
All students entering Grade 8 who require bussing must fill in a bus registration form. All students with a change in bussing needs must also complete this form.  Bussing registration forms are to be submitted to the school office.

If a student’s bussing needs change during the year, students are required to complete and submit a new bus registration form.

Bus Schedules

Click on the links below for either the school bus schedule or the transit schedule.

Student/Parent Orientation
To be scheduled in the spring.
Crowe Move-In Day for Grade 7 Students
To be scheduled prior to school start up in September.