JLC uses the online communication tool called “Edmodo.”  Your child has a single unique code that allows you to see and receive notifications from their teachers.  Please take a minute to look at your child’s Edmodo page (have them show you) and then set up your own account in Edmodo.

How to Sign up as a Parent:

  1. Obtain the unique 6-digit Parent Code from your child. They can find this code within their own Student Account.
  2. Note: this is not the same as your child’s Group Code. For more info on how to find a Student’s Parent Code, click HERE
  3. Sign up for your Parent account. Log in to your Parent Account and select “Add Student” on the left sidebar.  Type in Parent Code.


You can do this via either one of the following options:

Click “Verify” and your child’s Student Account will be linked to your Parent Account.