Healthy Relationships (Bullying)

Darren Laur, known as “The White Hatter”, works tirelessly in the field of internet safety for youth. In this article he takes on defining bullying, cyberbullying, digital peer agression and other forms of attack from one youth to another. The Supreme Court of Canada has recently created a blueprint to define bullying and there is federal law in Canada for prosecuting such a crime. 

Counsellors often deal with both victims and bullies in their offices. They also deal with multiple instances of meanness and rude behaviour that is unpleasant but not bullying. Darren teases apart the definitions and provides concrete examples to help clarify just what it is we are dealing with. And, we all know that when we can name the problem, we can address it.

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It’s a Girl’s World – CBC and National Film Board of Canada (available for loan from counselling department)