Athletics Update

The school sports season has wrapped up with the Track and Field Provincials this past weekend in Kelowna.  The results for the event were as follows:

Sadie Joyce:100m = 14th,  Long Jump = 10th, High Jump 7th

Jendaya Shields: Shot Put = 12th, Javelin = 22nd, Discus = 19th

Jaxon Kuchar: 800m 17th

Zoe Giles: 300 hurdles = 26th

Annika Ford: Hammer = 24th

Finn Kinghorn: Hammer = 12th

Nolan Bencharski: Shot Put = 16th


Thanks to Colin Adamson for making it happen for the Track Athletes this year and a big, big thank you to all the coaches and sponsors for dedicating your time to all of our student athletes throughout this year.  We have a lot of fantastic kids who are very lucky to be working with so many great people.

Until next year….

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